Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dear Family and Friends

Week 11 - Post Falls, Idaho
I have one week till I go to Brazil!! Have you guys had a travel scheduled emailed to you yet? They said they would do that.  I got an email today and it says I need to be at the mission home by 7 am on Monday and that my flight leaves at 10:15. Hopefully that's all I need to know!
Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes! I had a great day! When I woke up, the sisters I live with wrote me birthday notes on the mirrors and shower!  I opened my presents and I love everything!! Thank you so much!!!! But after that it was just a normal day. Then that night at the women's broadcast, Sister Jeffery told Sister Chamberlain that it was my birthday so she insisted on taking us out to the Mexican restaurant afterwards.  Her 8 year old came with us too.  She was so excited to hang out with the missionaries.  It was cute :)  And wasn't that so nice of her to send you those pictures?! I didn't even think of asking her to do that.  She was just taking all these pictures and then was like oh we have to send these to your parents! And then she thought it would be even better to make you guys a video.  :)  She was hoping it wouldn't make you cry haha! She is so sweet!
I loved the Women's broadcast! It was so good! Penny watched it too and loved it.  She was very impressed with the music which I though it was great too. She came to church again yesterday and loved it.  Yesterday was such a great testimony meeting.  Two less active people that we meet with regularly bore their testimonies.  It was amazing! One of them is in her 50s.  She bore her testimony of how she knows that Heavenly Father is aware of us and that he answers our prayers. And then it was so funny she singled me and Sister Jeffery out. She turned to us and said "and yes girls I AM reading my Mormon book." Everyone started laughing. It was such a good testimony! And then the other girl is a 14 year old. She bore her testimony about the temple and how she could feel how much God loves her when she was there.  It about made me cry! She has a really hard life and no family support.  Her and her sister would be at church every week if they could.  I took pictures with them this week because it was the last time we are meeting before I leave so I'll send those later.
I'm getting my hair cut today! I'm getting it all one length.  Hopefully its not too short :/ I probably won't get to write next week because I'll be on a plane!! :) But they said I could call when I'm in the airport if I have enough time. So be ready to answer! I might call during a layover and not in the morning. Just be ready all day on Monday! I'll get a picture with Sister Johnson today...I'm pretty sure I'll see her later.  That is so crazy that you served with her dad!! I can't wait to tell her!
Mom and Dad, thank you for the scriptures. I love all of them and it was a good reminder! You two are the best!! I love and miss you all so much! Next time I email I'll be in BRAZIL!!!!!
Sister Bedke
Malyssa with her companion, Sister Jeffery

Sam and Ramie (in the picture above)

Sister Hood is going home after this transfer. Malyssa said this is what missionaries do when someone is going home :)


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