Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dear Family and Friends

Week 2 - Provo MTC
This week went by soooo fast and that makes me happy! After the first few days it felt like it would be an eternity before I leave the MTC.  But now it’s flying by and I’ll be out of here before I know it.  I have learned so much more Portuguese too! I actually really like class.  I thought it would be kinda like college and get boring but I love learning a new language! My teacher talked to us this week about how we aren't learning the language for ourselves but for the people that we are going to teach and serve in Brazil.  That was a good reminder and was motivating.  The main reason why I hope I get my visa is just so I can get there and get really good at the language right away instead of staying in the states and losing some of my Portuguese.  That would stink.  But it seems like only about 15% of the Brazil missionaries are actually getting their visas before their stay at the MTC is up so chances are I’ll be reassigned somewhere.  But that would be cool too because it would be like serving two missions in one.  I don’t know if you guys have heard but they aren't calling Americans to Brazil for a while now.  So I’ll be one of the last American missionaries there which makes me feel pretty cool haha.
We got another teacher this week! It’s a good thing because now we are learning a lot more in one day but I also miss the "personal study" time that would turn into everyone in the zone talking.  We have 6 hours of classes every day but today and Sunday.  We also have two new people that we are teaching the gospel to (it’s really our teachers acting like someone they taught on their missions).  They aren’t anywhere near as friendly as our first guy.  And our first guy, his name is Anderson, helped us with our Portuguese when we didn't know what to say! But these new two will probably be more realistic.  Yesterday for the first time I taught the lesson without having a little script in front of me giving me the Portuguese translations.  I was so nervous that I was going to go blank once we got in the room but we said a prayer before we went in and I actually remembered how to say everything! It was awesome! I talked more than I ever had in any lesson and I had notes in all those!  I hated reading off the notes because it felt so impersonal.  Our teachers always tell us to teach people, not lessons but that was so hard to do at first when we couldn’t speak their language. I’m so glad I’m past that part now though because I feel like now I can listen and respond so much better and not just be sitting there thinking about what and how I am going to say next.  I still talk super slow though and I know I don’t conjugate all the verbs right.  Having a little Spanish experience has helped me so much! But I already know more Portuguese in two weeks than I know of Spanish from 3 years! It’s crazy!
I haven't gotten the letters from Ains or Had yet :( Hopefully soon! I’m excited for them!)  Did you guys get my letter in the mail? I hope so! You guys need to go check out  You can send a letter online and it gets printed out and given to me that same day here at the MTC and I’m pretty sure you can still do it when I’m out of here too.
Me and the girl I live with who is actually kinda my other companion now (her original companion got her visa and is now in Brazil) have been exercising every day!! And she makes me eat healthy too haha.  I want her to follow me around for the rest of my life! She knows so many different exercises so it doesn’t get boring.  We wake up at 6 every day and work out for like 45 minutes.  I was sooooooo sore after the first few days but now I’m adjusting.  And it doesn’t help that my classroom is on the fifth floor.  Those stairs KILLED me! She and I have become really good friends. She waxed my armpits this morning hahahaha. It hurt so bad! She has the cutest clothes ever and I’ve worn a few! Her mom made a lot of her skirts and they are so cute! I want to learn how to do that when I get back.
We haven’t had a General Authority here yet.  Elder Holland was here the day before I got here and I heard it was super good! I’m sad I missed it.  The devotionals are always my favorite! Every speaker has always been so good and motivating!  I also like the devotionals because the choir gets to sing! Our conductor is so funny and always tells us the best stories.  We’re singing a cool version of “Called to Serve” tonight in honor of the MTC president being here for one year.
I’m excited for Isaac to get here! I’m sure I’ll see him around at lunch or dinner.  He will love it here! I think he will actually leave before I do!
Let me know who wins the Superbowl!! I hope the Broncos do! I wish we could watch it :( and have all the good food we would make for the game!  I miss kipper snacks.

Thank you to everyone who sent me an email! I will try to respond to everyone’s when I have time.  All the support means so much to me.  I miss and love you all!
Sister Bedke


  1. Jess posted the link to your blog on FB, so glad to be following and reading along now! :) Lilly says Hi!