Thursday, February 6, 2014

Oi! Como Vai?

Week 3 - Provo MTC
I can’t believe that I am half way done with the MTC!! These past three weeks have flown! If the rest of my mission goes by this fast I'll be home before I know it! 
So the devotional speaker on Sunday told us the score at halftime :( I was so sad! And then i couldn’t focus the rest of his talk because I was just ticked!! What the heck happened? What did Peyton say in his interviews?  I wish I could've watched! I bet it wasn’t too fun to watch though.
Thank you for the updates about Rae and Carter’s sports!  I love hearing how they are doing and wish I could be there to watch.
I sent a letter to Rae and Cart a while ago. Hopefully they get there soon! And i just got a letter in the mail today to Emma, Ainsley, and Hadley! I loved their letters and pictures! :)
This week me and my companion got asked to be the sister training leaders of our zone! We got a binder and everything.  So basically we just have to make sure all the girls in our zone are adjusting well and answer any questions they may have! Oh and btw there is another girl from Indiana in my zone now!! She just got here last week! I was so excited! She just graduated from Purdue and is from Lafayette as well.  I think she is like 22. She is really nice!  Also, I forgot to tell you that I'm the pianist for my ward :/ I get so nervous because I never have any time to practice so the prelude is pretty much my practice time! But so far I’ve only noticeably messed up one time. It was really bad though haha.
The district ahead of me is getting their reassignment this week!  One of them is going to Indianapolis, Indiana!!!! I told him to look for grandma and grandpa and told him their names.  He actually was kinda bummed and then I told him I’m from Indiana so then he was like oh I mean I’m really excited haha.  I told him about all the snow you guys have been talking about and that made him even less excited! He’ll love it though! Two of the other guys are going to Arkansas and then 3 of them still haven’t heard anything.  So if my visa doesn’t come, I'll get an email in about two weeks telling me where I'm heading! My wish list is either California, Texas, Florida, Alabama, or Georgia with Amber!! Anywhere warm really!
I feel like nothing too exciting has happened this week!  Mom you asked about our schedule on Sundays...they are my favorite days!  We have leadership training meetings in the morning, we go to music and the spoken word broadcast, relief society with everyone, temple walk, sacrament meeting-- which on Saturday we have to write a talk in Portuguese and then our bishop will randomly call on two people to speak.  I’ve made it half way without talking yay!!-- and then we go and walk around the temple and take lots of pictures, choir practice, devotional, and then they have a whole bunch of different church movies playing in different rooms that we get to choose to watch and then that’s it!  I love Sundays here but it really doesn't feel like a Sunday just because at home that was always my day to just relax and take a long nap but we're always on the go here. 
I think the most important thing I learned this week is that this mission is not about me! It is about serving God and bringing people closer to Him. One of our teachers talked about that in class this week.  I have really tried to remember that.  I listened to a recorded talk by Elder Bednar called "Characters of Christ."  It was so good! I wish you guys could all go watch it online but it is only available here at the MTC :(  He talked about instances how when the natural man would turn inward and think about themselves, Christ always turns out.  He gave specific examples of it found in the bible.  He put it into really great perspective!  He talked about their being a difference between having a testimony and being truly converted to God.  He said just having a testimony will never be enough for us or our investigators.  I also like this that he said, "Testimony is knowing what is true by the Spirit--conversion is consistently being true to what you know." and I liked this that he said too..."when you lose yourself in the service of others, ultimately you will find yourself."  But I tried doing that this week.  When I felt bad for myself because I would have no idea what to say to our investigators and felt bad that I can’t understand Portuguese I remembered that this is not about me and it always helped my mood.
Ok well I think that is about it for the week! I’m gonna start writing something exciting down every night that happened that day because I never remember when it’s time to write our emails! Thank you everyone for the emails and dear elders... I get so excited when I get them!! I wish I had more time to write everyone back! I miss and love you all!
Sister Bedke


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