Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Week 40 - Gravatá


Thank you for all the pictures!!!! Rae’s hair is sooooo long and she is soooooo pretty! I liked the picture of everybody celebrating.
Today is a holiday in Gravata and everything was closed except for one lan house that is not very nice. I had a lot of pictures to send but I’m scared to get a virus on my card, so I’ll send them all next week. Oh also next week is transfers so I’ll probably be in Recife....I’m guessing I’ll be transferred but I wouldn’t mind staying one more here!! :)
This week was awesome. The highlight of the week for sure was Fernando’s baptism!!!!!! We taught him almost every single day of the week and he was so excited for yesterday. He’s just the purest person that wants to do what’s right. In every single one of his prayers he asks for strength to always stay strong in the gospel and that one day his family will be baptized too. Everyone in the ward is talking to him and he’s made a lot of friends even though he is suuuuuper shy. I feel like we hardly had to do anything that’s how prepared he was!! He’s awesome!!
We organized a really cool activity for the ward this week. There were a lot of people there and it was alot of fun. It was based kind of on the 10 virgins but more about preparing yourself for the future. Everyone started with 6 pieces of paper and they had to choose rooms in the chapel to enter in to. Some of the rooms were stuff of the world and others were spiritual. And then in the good rooms you gained a paper, the bad ones you lost one. Idk if that makes sense but everyone liked it. We had 3 investigators there too so that was awesome!
I’ve been teaching piano to one boy and he asked me this week if he can bring two friends because they want to learn too. So this week I’ll teach three!! I feel like I don’t explain things clearly! I don’t even know where to start explaining. I taught him some scales, the notes and how to read music. He brought this little notebook and I wrote things for him to study in his house.
Everyone we are teaching is doing great. Rose and Gilberto are awesome. He told us again how he always feels at peace when we are in his house. Their family is really special. Actually their 12 year old son Gabriel is the one that I’m teaching piano and now his friends too. I really don’t want to leave this area!!! I’m getting sad, but I don’t even know anything for sure. Sorry this email is so bad but I don’t know what else to say. To answer the question about service, we usually don’t do any planned service, but for sure we do random service throughout the day. Love you guys! Good luck Rae in sectionals!!


Sister Bedke


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