Monday, November 24, 2014
Week 45 - Goiana

Dear family and friends,

Happy Thanksgiving!! I'll be thinking about you guys on Thursday when I'm eating my beans and rice haha. Me and Sister Ruiz who is from Texas are planning on making french toast for breakfast to celebrate. I’m excited! The only problem is syrup doesn’t exist here so we're gonna put strawberry and ice cream on top and it will still be good.

Thank you for the pictures of Rae. I like the new jerseys! What is their record now? Who is the coach again I can’t remember? Who are the main players on the team? I want to know everything!!

This week was great! We visited Pedro and his family 3 times. They are doing awesome. Pedro came to church all by himself yesterday! The rest of the family was on the beach. But we were so happy he still came!! He was telling everyone how next week his whole family is going to be there together. This week was Jerlane’s (his wife) birthday. We went and had cake with them. I'll send you pictures! 

We met with Vini the guy who was gonna get baptized last week. He is still reading the Book of Mormon and praying and loves it. However he isn’t coming to church! This week he seemed so serious that he would, but didn't :( He will though!! We took a kid from the ward that’s 15 too with us to the lesson and he was awesome. I love teaching with the members. They are awesome here and are so excited to share their testimonies.

Also Leidianne, I think I’ve talked about her before but I can’t remember. She is married to a less active guy but now he’s starting to come to church again. We passed by her house twice this week, because on Friday she left for a different state and won’t be back until after Christmas!! But she took with her the Book of Mormon and is gonna read and she said the Sunday she gets back she’s coming to church with us.

Also we get to skype in one month! Don’t forget! I think we'll skype in Lidia's house. She served a mission in Las Vegas!! So she speaks English.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! Eat lots of turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie for me! Love you guys!


Sister Bedke

Pretty Brazil

Sister Cariola & Malyssa

The District


 A bug as big as my hand!

Pretty flowers! 


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