Monday, December 8, 2014
Week 46 - Boa Viagem

So I got transferred!!! Me and Sister Cariola both got transferred and we are still together! We opened up an area here in Recife. There were Elders here before us. I’m pretty sure it’s called Pina. I’M ON THE BEACH!!!!!! My area is like a tall triangle with the two sides the ocean. It is so pretty here. We walked around in circles trying to find this lan house (a place they can use the internet) and I have no idea how we will find our house again but it will all work out. So there was only one sister arriving and a lot leaving so a lot of areas got closed. Sister Ruiz and her new comp are going to have all of Goiana now. I couldn’t believe it when the elder told me I was transferred!!!! I just barely got there!! I’m most worried about Pedro and his family who have been progressing so much and have a baptism date and now we are leaving. You don’t realize how much you love people until you have to tell them goodbye. Last night was really sad!!

This morning was an adventure with my two bags, Cariola’s two bags, and Sister Roig’s bags on an onibus. At first they wouldn’t even let us on the bus but we just kinda ignored them and got on anyways. Idk what they wanted us to do!!! haha But then we had to pull our bags like a 30 minute walk to the church. I don’t think I’ll miss transfers. But I already love our ward here! A couple from the ward was waiting at the church for us and bought a taxi (which is super expensive) that took us to our apartment. All the other missionaries were so jealous because they either have to walk with all their stuff or get all the stuff on a bus! So we feel super welcome here! They were really helpful!

This week we had a mission conference with Elder Costa!!! Idk if you guys know who he is, but he is the area president in Brazil!! And he is awesome! It was sooooooo good the meeting. He said he’s been to North Manchester before.  But idk if he was being serious! Everything he said was perfect. He told lots of stories and shared lots of experiences with us. I loved his confidence and knowledge of the gospel. I could have listened to him all day. He said one thing that really caught my attention; he talked about how a lot of times we are scared to tell the whole truth because of what people might think. He said lots of times missionaries just use the Bible because they are scared of what people will think about the Book of Mormon and he used some other examples. We talked about how much more powerful and the impact we will make when we stop evaluating everything we say and just share what we know. He said a lot of other cool things too that I don’t have time to write!

I got three boxes!!!!! Thank you so much!! I won’t open the one until Christmas don’t worry. Thank you so much for everything you sent.  I love it all!  I have awesome friends!

Ok so a sad camera got rained on and it kinda sucks now. I think it should still work I just need it cleaned or something. I’ll send you pictures still though!

Idk what else to say. Love you! 


Sister Bedke

 It's beginning to look like Christmas everywhere!


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