Sunday, May 11, 2014
Week 16 - Gravata

It rained this week! The weather was the best!!!! It is so much more fun to work when you aren’t dripping with sweat :) And everyone is saying that the weather should stay like this for a while now that fall is here! And then in winter it will rain more.

We had a good week this week! Still no one came to church yesterday, but we have 19 new investigators from just this week. We´re teaching 2 families now! One of them is a mom with a 12 year old son and a 10 year old daughter. They come to the church for English lessons, but the mom was never very interested in us coming to her house. But idk what changed because she invited us over this week. They are awesome!!! The kids are so smart and literally fought over who got to answer the questions and who got to read from the scriptures. The boy his name is Mateus wants to know everything about the United States. And it was the sweetest thing when we were leaving their house he said "Sisters I like you guys because I’m so happy when you’re at my house." It about made me cry!! They live really close to our house too which is good so we will be able to see them a lot. Hopefully they will come to church this week! The other family is great too. It’s a funny story how we met them. We were at the door of someone else’s house and talking to a man on his porch and this little girl was outside playing and she comes up and says come to my house next! So we did but her mom was busy. Then she told us go to my neighbor so we did and had a lesson with her. And then she told us where her friend lives and we went and taught them too! This girl is like 8 years old and gave us 3 referrals! But we went back to her family the next day and they are really nice! We had a really good lesson with them and are going back on Wednesday so I’m excited for that.

I did a division this week with Sister Dana. She’s the other American that I live with. It was a lot of fun! She is a great teacher and was soooo encouraging and complementary of my Portuguese. I think I am just really hard on myself! Actually I know I

am. This morning I was reading my journal from the MTC and literally on the second day I was all frustrated because I wasn’t making any progress. Like what the crap it was the SECOND DAY!! I think I have issues!

I almost forgot about this!! Yesterday a lady in our ward had her little 10 year old cousin with her and she wants to get baptized. She’s been to church a few times in the past but it was before I got here. But anyways we talked to her about the gospel and she is awesome! but there is a rule in Brazil that just started in November that you cant baptize kids under 15 unless their family is getting baptized too or unless they have been coming to church faithfully for 3 months and have a responsible adult that will continue bringing them to church.

For my visa I’m not even sure why I had to do that. I think it was just to finalize everything. They took fingerprints of all my fingers and I had to sign some things. We stayed with the sisters that live in Recife. The picture of Recife was taken from their apartment.

Good job Rae with track! What are her times? I want to know everything with specifics! Good luck at the county meet!!!! Good luck to Cart with baseball! I want specifics for that too please!

I can’t believe you guys haven’t gotten my letter yet! I hope no one messed with it. It was kinda thick though maybe someone thought there was money in there. I don’t even know if that’s real that people will go through your mail or if everyone just says that. I’m so excited for that package though!!!! What’s in it?! I can’t wait! I haven’t gotten mail since I was in Idaho!! Sister Dana just got a letter last week from Valentine ’s Day. So sometimes mail takes a loooong time!

I am so excited for Sunday! We are going to a member’s home and my time is 4 or 4:30 so 2 or 2:30 for you guys. Make sure you are ready and answer! I will talk to you guys then :) Love and miss you!!


Sister Bedke



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