Thursday, May 22, 2014
Week 18 - Gravata

Ok before I forget because I keep forgetting to say this and I don’t know how! Penny got baptized on Saturday!! Sister Jeffery has been emailing me and letting me know how things are going. Remember how I told you that her granddaughter was dating a guy that is on a mission? Her name is Hannah and they started teaching her and she got baptized on the same day too! I was so so so happy to hear this. I wish so bad I could’ve been there, but I wrote her a letter this week and I’m sending it today. Also she said Hannah wants to serve a mission now too! Ahhh it’s so exciting!

Last week flew by! I can’t believe how fast each day goes by here. It’s crazy! We are seeing some progress as well! We are teaching Alana, the daughter of Maria, and her 11-year-old son and they are awesome! They are reading the Book of Mormon and saying their prayers! They didn’t come to church yesterday dang it! But we're not too discouraged, she'll come next week! Also Sevè wanted to come so bad but she had to work. Also, there is a lady- we still don’t know her name but she works at this pastel place (Malyssa told us a pastel is kind of like a calzone). We call her pastel lady. Every time we talk to her she’s working so we can never talk much, but she said she wants to come to church! So we've eaten there like 3 times in the past week haha. We want to ask her where she lives so we can go visit her house but she is always so busy making food. Hopefully we will see her at the church this week and we can talk to her more there. But she is also interested in the English and guitar classes there! Also we went to a wedding at the church this week, and the parents of the groom were very impressed with the church and the bishop and they want to start meeting with us and learning more! So we're excited for that, they are so nice!

Now I have to tell you about the interesting part of this week. Everyone is like don’t tell your parents about this but I don’t think you guys will freak out. At least you shouldn’t because I am perfectly fine and I haven’t felt unsafe once since I got here. But this week the police went on strike for a couple of days. They wanted a 30% pay raise. So anyways a lot of people decided that they would take this opportunity to go crazy and do all the crimes they wanted because there was no one to stop them. So we had to stay inside all day for 2 days. And then yesterday and today we have to be home by 8 pm. It was the most boring days of my life!!! We were all soooooo bored! But I got to take a nap for the first time in 4 months so that was nice! Idk what even happened out there or if it was even that bad, but President wanted to be extra safe just in case so all missionaries had to stay in for those 2 days. But it’s normal again now! And we were never even scared or anything so don’t get worried or think I’m in an unsafe place!!

Thank you dad for the detailed description of the track meet. Do that every time please!! And wow Rae you are awesome!!!!!!! I’m so proud of you :) Good luck in sectionals this week! I’m glad you guys got my letter finally!! I think it’s crazy it took 6 weeks to get there! I haven’t gotten anything from you guys yet. I wonder how long a box takes to get here! We will get to go to the temple in June. I’m excited! Also, idk why I always forget to tell you guys this too, but we are getting a new mission president in June too. He is from Salt Lake and he has I think like 3 kids that are still living with him! I hope it’s not too hard for them finishing high school in a different country! I think that would be so hard!

I have some good pictures this week. Some from us being bored to death staying inside all day and some from the wedding. We got all fancied up for the wedding because we had nothing better to do. It was on one of the days we had to stay in, but since the church is right by our house we were allowed to go. Hope you all have a good week. Love and miss you!!!!!


Sister Bedke

Bride in the middle.

Stuck inside the apartment (in the picture above too).

Malyssa and her companion.


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