Monday, July 28, 2014
Week 26 - Gravatá


Thank you for all the pictures! They are my favorite! I can’t believe Rae has her weird. Is she a good driver? And I can’t believe you let her drive the van and everything!

Ok to answer your question about what we do on a normal day. We wake up at 6:30 and I do exercises for like 20 minutes. After that I eat breakfast which is usually oatmeal or scrambled eggs. Then I have like 45 minutes to do my hair, makeup, get dressed. But it never takes very long because my hair is in a bun every day and I don’t use much makeup. So then with the extra time i can do whatever! At 8 is personal study, 9 companion study, 10 new missionary training, and then we get all our stuff together and walk to lunch at a member’s house. Lunch is 90% of the time rice, beans, noodles, and then either chicken or beef. With really good homemade juice that is more like a smoothie. We always share a quick message with the members after lunch. And then we go visit as many people as we can! Right now we have a pretty full schedule with lots of people to teach. The afternoon is sooooo hot so we like 5 and after a lot better. Sometimes if we get hungry we stop by a bread shop. They have millions of those here! And then at eight we go back to the house and I study Portuguese and Sister Andrade studies English. At nine we plan for the next day and talk to the elders about our day. My district leader is from Argentina. He’s so funny! He was ticked yesterday that Argentina lost haha. He always laughs at how I speak Portuguese haha. He laughs so much all the time! But anyways at 10:30 we go to bed. This is a normal day but it seems like most days aren’t normal. Like Tuesdays we have zone meeting an hour away so that changes things. Wednesday we have English class at the church, Thursday we have a meeting with the ward mission leader, Friday we do weekly planning. Ok I guess we never have normal days. But usually it goes something like that!

Ok so this week was really good. We had 3 investigators in church yesterday. They were all children though! 8, 9, and 12! And they came by themselves! They are all girls and they are adorable! Yesterday in primary they got a CTR ring and Faith to God book. They aren’t sisters either, they are all from different families that we are teaching. Hopefully their faithfulness will rub off on their families a little. Yesterday we taught another family and it was probably the best lesson on my whole mission. Everyone, including the dad which hardly ever happens, was so interested and wants to come to church. We were out of Book of Mormons and they were so bummed.  They wanted to learn more! The dad was like the most interested! It was awesome! He will be a bishop someday, I’m calling it! Also another cool but maybe weird thing. we taught Alana about the temple this week. She loved it and is excited to go with her mom one day. She was confirmed in church yesterday. She has changed so much from when we first met her. She was always so nice to us, but now she just opens up not only to us but to other people at church and in Relief Society she participates. And she is funny!! 

We stayed in the house yesterday and Saturday because of the games. And then also the night Brasil to Germany lost we stayed in. I think that was Tuesday? My area was completely fine but I guess it got a little crazy where the elders live. The zone leaders called and said that Brasil lost 7-1 and I thought that they were trying to trick me or something. I didn’t believe them! And it sounded like everyone was happy outside. So then after that the district leaders called and tried to convince me and I thought that they were all ganging up on me! So we called a member and they really did lose 7-1!! How sad!

Ok I’m sure I’m missing a lot of things but I can’t think of anything else that happened this week. Oh! I started reading the book "Our Search for Happiness." It is great!! I love it so far! I have a lot of pictures from last week because the computer didn’t work. Hopefully it works this week!

Thank you guys for everything! Love and miss you all so much!


Sister Bedke


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