Monday, July 28, 2014
Week 27 - Gravatá

Hello family :)

Thank you for the letters and pictures. I love reading about everything you guys are doing. I agree....the weeks pass by so fast!!! I only have two more weeks left in this transfer!! If I get transferred I’ll cry. But I think I’ll stay with Sister Andrade one more to finish her training. Your vacation plans sound fun!! I want to go camping!!! I miss bonfires and s’mores. Tell everyone that I said hi! Oh while I’m thinking about it I saw in an email that mom sent to everyone that the family reunion is next July the same day I’ll get home! How will that work?! Maybe I could fly home to wherever you guys will be, I forget where it’s at.

I don’t have that much to talk about this week. Sister Andrade has been sick for the last four days! We’ve been staying inside a lot. Every time we try to go out we come running back. It’s kinda funny but I feel bad for her. Maybe she has a worm or something I don’t know! Sister Fortes gave her this Brazilian medicine and it did nothing but yesterday I remembered about the stuff mom gave me and she felt better since she’s used it! I hope it’s nothing serious!!! I don’t like staying inside! I know that she really is sick and she needs to stay in but I just sit around and read and I start to feel guilty like I’m being lazy! I have the guiltiest conscience ever it’s so annoying.

Two cool things about Portuguese. I had to translate for Sister Andrade and Sister Bigelow and I could do it with no problem! ahhhh It’s so nice being able to communicate! Also Sister Andrade said last night I was sleep talking in Portuguese!!! yayayay I was so happy!

This week we had family home even with Maria and Alana and another daughter of Maria and their kids! It was so good!! I love that family so much. The non-member daughter is a pastor in a different church and she made that very clear from the beginning, but I think she still had a good time. Kaio, Alana’s son, was there and he even sang the hymns and participated in the game afterwards. The message we shared was from the General Conference Ensign and after he asked if he could look through it. We told him he could keep it and his face lit up! It was so cute. I need to get a picture of him. He is stinking cute!!! He reminds me a lot of Carter! They’re almost exactly the same age, he turned 12 in June too. He is really a special kid. Kaio has a light about him and is just happy! Alana had to work yesterday, but next Sunday I hope they’ll come to church together!

Another awesome thing that happened. I don’t know if I’ve ever told you about my ward mission leader. He is 20 years old and the church is seriously his life. He’s the only member in his family. He is at every single activity for both our ward and the other, he goes to every baptism and just supports everyone in everything. Oh side note I just thought of a cool story about him. This happened a couple weeks ago and I think I forgot to tell you guys. He came out teaching with us and found $100 on the side of the road!!! And so he bought cake and cupcakes for us and the next day in testimony meeting he told everyone that they need to teach with us because you get blessings haha. But anyways he had a party at his house to open up his mission call. His house is nicer for this area but still it’s nothing like what we are used to. He opens his call and guess where he’s going....Atlanta Georgia North!!!!! Everyone was like WHAT?!?! And I’m pretty sure that’s the same mission as Amber?!  I’m hoping!!!! It is sooooo uncommon for Brazilians to go somewhere besides Brazil especially now that Americans aren’t coming here anymore!!! ahhh We were all so excited! Everyone was crying--of course because they were happy for him but I think everyone was a little jealous too. I told him all about the food, the weather there, everything! His call is to speak Portuguese but I think for sure he’ll come back speaking English!! I hope that’s the same mission as Amber because he is going to be looking for a Sister Bedke haha. He doesn’t speak any English yet though!! 

Ok we also taught some good lessons with people this week. Everyone is awesome, but we aren’t finding the ones that are interested in our message right now. A lot of people just want to chat with us. But this week will be better!!

Thank you everyone for the emails! I love you guys so much! I think I have a couple pictures this week I’m not sure. Have a good week!!!


Sister Bedke


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