Monday, July 28, 2014
Week 28 - Gravatá

This week was so great! I think I always say that but they always are! I can’t believe how fast each week goes by. We only have one week left in this transfer. There’s a possibility I could get transferred...everyone thinks that I will!! I hope not.  I love this area. But we shall see! This week we had soo many members teach with us. It was awesome. It is always so much better when members come with us because then they have a friend and they feel more comfortable to come to church and they have someone to talk to, it’s just way better! We had the same amount of lessons with members as we did other lessons! That has never happened on my mission, not even close! Our members trust us and a lot of different people have told us that they can feel we will do a lot for this ward together. That’s why I can’t leave this area yet!!!

Sister Andrade is doing awesome. I think we will be friends for life! All of my companions have been so great. I’m lucky! She has a boyfriend situation that she’s been struggling with lately. His emails to her have gotten shorter and shorter every week. She doesn’t want to think about him but I think sometimes it’s just hard. I remember how I was my first transfer. Not with a boyfriend but I thought about home a lot and what I was going to do after my mission and how I missed doing fun things with my friends and you guys. But I think she just needs more time. She thinks there is something wrong with her haha but I’m pretty sure everyone is that way at the beginning of the mission. The only problem we have is sometimes we don’t focus because we talk about everything in our life! And then next thing we know an hour has passed and we haven’t studied anything! haha

This week we had another family home evening in the house of Irma Rosa. I need to tell you guys about her sometime. She is one of the sweetest, strongest persons I have ever met. But it was a really great night! We had an investigator there and then also a less active lady who hasn’t been to church in years. We invited her earlier that day and she came! She is awesome and is a person that is intelligent and has potential to be a Relief Society president someday.  I think she had a good time. Sister Andrade and I gave the message from Alma 24. We told the story of the Lamanites and how they were wicked but once they came to know God they were so strong in the gospel that they would rather die than defend themselves in war. So they buried their weapons and made a covenant with God to never kill anyone again. We talked about how we all have "weapons of war" and that when we bury them we can be closer to God and have more peace. I really like vs 19 in that chapter. We gave everyone a piece of paper and they all wrote things that separate them from God and we put them in a box. I think everyone liked it. We played a really funny game. I don’t know how to explain it but it was hilarious. Brazilians are soooo competitive. I wish I could’ve recorded the Bishop hahaha. And then we ate a lot of food of course! That day I had cake in 3 different houses. Everyone gives us cake!!! I don’t even like cake anymore because I eat so much.

Also yesterday at church was a miracle. We teach the Principles of the Gospel class which is for recent converts and usually less actives go to that class too. Normally we have about 3 or 4 people. Yesterday we had 15!!!! The room was full! We had 3 of our investigators there and 3 less active people that we´ve been working with. One of the investigators was Clivia’s mom. That was a surprise to us! We’ve been going to her house every week, but usually it’s just the girls that pay any attention. But she came this week and loved it!! Now she just needs to get married.... and the other two were a couple that we taught for the first time last week. We had a great lesson with them. They are so open to learning and really receptive! They are friends with a member so it is perfect. She taught them with us and then yesterday she went to their house and brought them to church. The wife was telling everyone that she’s not a member YET. Like with the tone that one day she will be. It was so cute! We are teaching them again tonight.

I have learned so much this transfer. I feel like I’ve gained a lot of confidence in teaching people the gospel. Like before I didn’t want people to get offended or think we are weird. But now I know that I just need to say what’s in my mind because it’s probably the Spirit prompting me to say it. And it always works out! I feel more of an urgency for people to have the Gospel. It’s awesome!

I have some pictures from Sister Andrade’s camera this week. I’ve been bad about taking pictures on mine! But she has some good ones. I’ll try to explain each picture too. I haven’t gotten the letter yet, but tomorrow we will get our mail because we have interviews with President. I’m excited! And he said we can talk in English so I can tell him everything I want to say yay! To answer your other questions mom the weather is awesome when it’s not raining. It’s hot but comfortable. But most of the time it’s raining. My shoes smell really bad. And the sole is coming off. Didn’t I just buy those like a month ago? I don’t understand. I’ll send you a picture of them next week so you know I’m not just being dramatic.  They seriously are bad already!  I just need that dang card!!! Hopefully it will be here tomorrow!!

Thank you so much for the emails! I hope you guys are enjoying your trip! It looks so fun. Have fun at the ranch! Tell everyone I say hi. Love you guys!!


Sister Bedke


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