Monday, September 15, 2014
Week 35 - Gravatá

I forgot to tell you guys last week but we had transfers yesterday. But the good news is....I’m staying in Gravata!!!! I’m so happy! Sister Andrade is staying with me. We are the only two that stayed together in our district. I thought for sure I would leave because the Elders called the day before and were asking all these weird questions, but I think they were just trying to scare us and it worked haha. I love the ward here! We were at a member’s house when they called to say who would be transferred and we put it on speaker phone so they could hear too. The whole family was like YESSSSS when they heard that we would stay and gave us hugs. And then a few members called to say are you staying??!! One thing I like about really small wards is that everyone is like a big family.

This week was a little rough because it was raining constantly. It’s either really, really hot or really, really raining and the roads turn into rivers!! But we still had a few really good lessons. The one that sticks out the most to me is with Carla and Rodrigues. We met Carla a few weeks ago just knocking on doors. She lives in a really nice house! Her and her husband got married about two years ago but he wasn’t there the first time. So when we went back we taught them the restoration and it was perfect!! They are educated and understand what we are saying and everything made sense to them. They had a lot of questions at the end but it wasn’t like they are doubting things, they are just sincerely looking for the truth. They told us that they’ve been looking for a church to raise a family! I know that they felt something, especially the husband. We are going back on Wednesday.  I’m so excited!

I think I wrote about Vitor in a different email. We had another lesson with him yesterday. He is the nicest, purest guy ever. Every time we ask him if he’s been reading and praying he always has the perfect answers. So perfect that sometimes I wonder if he’s just saying it to make us happy haha. He’s seriously like a dream person to teach. We talked about baptism with him yesterday and he didn’t agree to a date yet because he hasn’t felt like he’s received an answer from God yet, but he will!!

Kaio hasn’t come to church in 2 weeks and same with Maria and Alana. Every time we visit them they are so strong and talk about how much the gospel has changed them, but they aren’t very firm yet. They let little things keep them from coming. Bishop went to visit them yesterday so I hope that helps having other people besides just us talk to them.

I talked to an elder who was in the office yesterday about that dang box. I felt so annoying, they probably have a million people calling, asking about their boxes and letters but he was really nice. The sisters we live with went to Recife today because one was transferred so I gave them the money and they’ll give it to him and he'll go and get it. I have no idea when it will actually get to me but as long as it not in the mail place anymore where people can take it, its fine.

I have a lot of pictures to send this week. Save them all because a lot of them are from Sister Andrade’s camera. Love you guys! Thanks for the emails!


Sister Bedke

 Estamos Felizes

 Love those rainy days!

 American Food - Waffles & Nutella!

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