Monday, September 29, 2014
Week 37 - Gravatá

Oi minha familia!

Thank you for the pictures!!!!! I’m so happy too :) Rae is so dang pretty! I LOVE your outfit and shoes! What the heck! I need to get skinny so I can use all your clothes. I feel like I was just in high school doing all the homecoming things. Fun times!

This week was good again! Yesterday we had 6 investigators in church!! It was weird because it was like all the people that we weren’t expecting but I can’t complain! Have I told you guys that I teach the Gospel Principles class? It was packed yesterday; we were so excited! One man who is a friend of the bishop came to church with two of his little kids. They were to Stake Conference last week too! We didn’t see him there or even know him yet but we are going to start teaching his family this week! Also a 20 year old named Braule came. He is the cousin of a member. He works here in Gravata but lives in Recife. He’s here most of the time though so we teach him when we can. He is awesome! He has sooooo many questions which I love people who seriously are interested and want to learn, not just sit there and nod their heads.

Carla and Rodrigues are doing great. They are super busy so we only can pass by their house once a week. They are still asking a lot of questions and they read a little of the Book of Mormon together! He has a lot of questions about the Bible and if the Book of Mormon is biblical. It’s been fun studying a lot to be able to answer all his questions. I’ve been learning a lot especially about the Bible here on my mission.

This part is kinda sad. Remember Ivete the really old lady that was literally waiting for us?! So we taught her twice this week and both times her daughter who is like 55 was there. And we asked her if she wanted to join in on the lessons and she was pretty cold with us. She would be cleaning in the other room but still listening and making comments to everything we were saying.  Anyways Ivete loves having us there and cries of happiness every time! So we had everything all set up for a member to stop by her house and drive her to church and then on Saturday her daughter called us and said that they were going out of town and her mom won’t be going to church with us. We go back this week and see what happened. Hopefully everything is alright!!

Today I bought this horse stuff to put in my shampoo and supposedly it makes your hair grow fast! Also I bought this diet shake stuff that makes you not feel hungry! I’m so excited!! And everything is so cheap here. I bought Rae and Jess shirts last week for $5 for both! I love Brazil!! Ok but I don’t know what else to write. Thanks for the emails!!! Love you guys!


Sister Bedke


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