Monday, December 22, 2014
Week 48 - Boa Viagem


I can’t believe this week is Christmas! And I get to skype with you guys this week. We have had so many people invite us to lunch and dinner we are feeling super loved. It’s gonna be a great day :)

Right now we are in a city called Cabo with some other missionaries for P-day. We are going to hike a mountain where at the top apparently has a really pretty view. I’ll send lots of pictures next week.

The Christmas conference this week was awesome! The whole mission was there together. I was so happy to be together with everyone. I have made so many good friends here. 

This week was so much fun, it passed by way too quick. We kept busy and were never having to be out in the sun so that’s always good :) The English class was the cutest thing ever. They all prepared questions to ask me about the United States and my family and it was the cutest thing ever. And at the end they sang Jingle Bells and Santa Claus is Coming to Town. I forgot to bring my camera!!! I was sad.  I wanted a picture!!

We also have been finding new people to teach and have a few that are progressing and have a lot a potential. One girl that we are teaching is named Perla. She is 24 and the sister of a member. She has a lot of good questions and she loves going to church. She started reading the Book of Mormon this week. She has never prayed or gone to church before so she’s not sure how she’ll get an answer from God. She said that he has a lot of people to take care of and she doesn’t understand how he will take time to communicate with her. I’m not sure exactly how it works because there are a lot of people in this world, but I do know that He knows each of us individually and that He answers our prayers.

We also found two different guys who are awesome! Antonio and George. They are super humble and they told us how they feel something special when we are there. They both had to work yesterday, but next Sunday they said they won’t miss church!

We are going to skype in the house of the members who bought us a taxi the first day here. Their names are Jamerson and Ana, Thor (their son, awesome name right?) and Cleide (Ana’s mom). I think they speak a little tiny bit of English so you guys can talk to them. Sister Cariola has been practicing saying Merry Christmas and hi Mr. and Mrs. Bedke. hahaha It’s so cute. Practice saying oi tudo bem? orbrigada por sempre ajudando minha filha. Feliz natal!    That means hi how are you? Thanks for always helping my daughter. Merry Christmas! 

I hope you all have a great Christmas!! I love you all so much! My day will be great. We want to make this Christmas the best for everyone that we visit. I’m excited!


Sister Bedke

Mission Christmas Party

Metro Train


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