Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 58 - Camaragibe

Dear Family and Friends,

Transfers were yesterday and....I’m staying here!!! Yay! It was nice to not pack my bags this time haha. Sister Vasquez is staying as well so I’m excited for this transfer, it’s gonna be great!!

This week has been a good one, we have kept busy. I got sick for real for the first time on my mission. Don’t worry I’m completely better now, but I had some kind of virus. I don’t even really know what I had, but my skin broke out in a whole bunch of red itchy dots for like 4 days and I had lots of stomach pain. It was really weird, but now I’m fine!

The family that we have been teaching for a while all came to church yesterday!! Usually just the mom comes, but the dad surprised us and was there yesterday too! We’ve been talking to him a lot about faith and putting his trust in God and all the blessings they’ll receive from obeying the commandments.

This week a member gave us a list of like 10 of his friends to visit! I love getting references. I am super impressed with all the missionary minded people that I have met here. His work has a whole bunch of pictures of Christ and stuff from the church and he has a special notebook where he takes the address and name of people who are interested in the pictures. He is the best.

Something funny that happened this week...we were knocking on doors and a lady answered but seemed like she was super busy or running late or something. We asked if we could say a prayer with her before we left so she invited us in. Sister Vasquez started to explain to her how we pray with our arms folded and our eyes closed and that it’s just a conversation with God, but while she was explaining everything the lady thought that it was her prayer, so she already closed her eyes and bowed her head. So I was like uhh did you understand? She pops her head up and stares at us for like 10 seconds without saying anything and then says "ugh lets gets this over with! Dear God thank you for sending these 2 girls. I don’t understand what they are saying and I don’t think that they understand me either but please bless....." I could not stop laughing!! hahaha During the middle of her prayer we were both laughing so hard but trying to control ourselves which just makes you laugh even harder. It was so funny! Also this morning when I was sending those boxes I went to pass my card and put my pin in but the button wasn’t working. It already was taking foreverrrrr so we were all out of patience. The lady that was working there says "let me try" and grabs the machine and yells "GOD IS MORE!" and then pushes the button and it worked hahaha. It was so funny because she was 100% serious. Brazilians are the funniest people ever.

I’ve been learning a lot and focus a lot on always doing Gods will. It is so cool how God answers our prayers and helps us with our righteous desires. Ok for example we have to study at 8 in the morning and at 7:59 I’m busy folding my clothes and I just want to finish real fast before I study. But then I remember that no I’m going to do everything even the little things exactly in Gods way. I know that it’s not about what I want, but about what God wants, and I’m always happier this way anyways.

Ok so I already told you about the boxes, so be looking for those. One box has a pillow case that a lady made for me. You can use it if you want, it’s really pretty!!! But I think that’s all for this week. Love you guys so much!! Thanks for everything!


Sister Bedke


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