Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 69 - Camaragibe

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for all the cool pictures! Happy birthday to Rae! That is so weird that she is 16!! Is she going to get a car?? I sent her an email last week but idk if she got it because she didn't respond :´(  Also dad and Cart's pictures were cool from Camp Crosley!  Did Carter do the talent show?  Did dad get some sleep this time? haha Glad you guys had a good time!

Today is the first day of my last transfer. I’m super excited for the next six weeks, They are going to be the best yet. I’m staying in Camaragibe, and also I’m staying with Sister Vasquez!!! Which is like a miracle because I've never seen two people stay together for four transfers! But it’s good because we work well together and she is a super dedicated missionary. We have a lot of goals for this transfer. We have both been feeling like this one part of our area that we have never been to before has a lot of people waiting for us, so we are going to start working there a lot and we just need to find a lot of new people. We are super excited!

Yesterday before church was D and R’s baptism finally!! It was worth the wait though. It was super special and they both were so happy. S baptized them which also was really special. It was cute how he got emotional to be baptizing his two daughters. They both got Faith in God books and are excited to start working on that. And also R was already assigned to give a prayer in primary and D a talk. They’re already a part of the ward :)  It was so cute, after they were confirmed they came skipping down from the stand back to their seats haha. Today I will finally be able to send pictures so you can see!!

Other than that this week was pretty normal. I did two companion exchanges which I love doing! It is a lot of fun to work with other missionaries. I always learn so much every time. I have a lot of pictures to send this week!

Love you all and hope you have a great week!!


Sister Bedke

 Banana Farm

 The District

 Happy (late) Mother's Day!

 What does a cool accent get you?  Free sushi!

 The baptism


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