Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Week 53 - Camaragibe

Hello everyone!
I am loving my new area, companion, investigators, everything! My area is called Camaragibe.  It’s huge! It’s not like a city like Pina was but we have to take vans as our way of transportation because it’s too big to walk. We are still pretty lost and don’t know our way around very well buts lots of members have been teaching with us and helping us out a lot. My ward is big again and the members are so welcoming and excited! So many people have been asking us if we can teach their friends and family! And once again the bishop is awesome!!
My companion is Sister Vasquez from Peru. She is tiny and I feel like a giant with her but she is the cutest little thing ever and is a sweetheart. She has almost 9 months on her mission. I hope we stay together a long time, we get along really well. I live in a house with 6 missionaries and one bathroom. It’s a little crazy but I actually like it. It’s a lot of fun and all of us are laid back and I don’t think there will be any drama. 
I am learning how to be a Sister Trainer. There are six of us in the mission. My comp isn’t one but a sister that I live with is also.  We had a mission leadership meeting with Pres and the zone leaders this week and he gives us training and then we have to do divisions or splits (idk how you call it in English) but with the other sisters and teach them what he taught us. And also if there is drama or someone isn’t being obedient we have to help them. And just be an example in everything! It’s awesome!  I’m learning so much. I had to talk to someone about obedience this week and I was so nervous but it actually went really well and she thanked me at the end
Ok now the miracles that have been happening....we have 2 baptisms this week. On Sunday, an investigator is going to be baptized. He is 90 years old!!! And he is soooooo cute!!! He has been living in the interior where there isn’t a church but moved here to live with his daughter who is a member and started going to church with her and loves it. He is the cutest thing in the world!! Seriously when we teach him we are just like awwwww the whole lesson. He is nervous that he isn’t gonna know enough and someone is going to ask him a question and he won’t remember. He reminds us every day that he doesn’t hear very well and he can’t see very good! But he always remembers the Prophet Joseph Smith. José is what he says. We are super excited and we love him!
The other is a young woman. Ok she is the most prepared person in the world. The sisters before us have been teaching her for like a month and they invited her to pray about what they were teaching and she did and that night she had a dream. She dreamed about the Salt Lake temple (which she’s never seen it before) and she heard a voice say "this is my house and the path to follow" and then she turned around and saw the sacred grove and the same voice said that this is where I called my servant Joseph Smith to restore the gospel. Is that not amazing?! I about cried when she told us. She pretty much teaches us every time we meet with her. She understands the restoration better than anyone I’ve ever taught! She shares her testimony with everyone, isn’t too shy to pray in front of us, she looks like she’s been a member for her whole life. She’s 22 and I know that God has huge plans for her. And she is just the happiest person ever. It is a huge privilege to get to teach her. And actually she is teaching us.
This week was great and I’m so happy to be here. I miss Pina and everyone there but I’m so excited about this new area. I’m going to the temple today. On the week that we go to the temple our P-day is on Wednesday and we have to work normal on Monday. I got a few emails from my friends on the mission that went home last week. I can’t believe how fast time is going by. Sister Jeffery just went home now too!

I have lots of pictures to send you guys. I hope you all have a great week! Love you all!


Sister Bedke

 Recife with Sister Vasquez

Our neighbors


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