Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 63 - Camaragibe

Dear Family and Friends,

How are you guys? Are you still all at g’mas house? How is everyone? Thank you for the pictures of Everett!! He is the cutest!  Jessica don’t worry about sending too much! I love all of them and you can send me all you want! This computer is being dumb and I can’t watch the video, but still send me videos because usually I can watch!! He is so chubby and cute. I can’t wait to meet him. Does he cry a lot? Does he have a lot of clothes? How is he with everyone at g’mas house? Is Jess nervous about everyone holding him? Tell me everything! How was the Easter egg hunt? Did Rae and Carter find anything with money? Tell Aunt Leslie thank you for the email! I will try to email back this week but I’m a little behind after all the birthday wishes from last week haha.

My Easter here was great. A tradition here is to eat fish and things with coconut. At lunch the family that we ate with made sooooo much fish and it looked so good. Well I made the mistake of telling them that I am a little allergic to fish and they didn’t even let me try a little bit!! I’m not even allergic anymore I don’t think. Ugh so I didn’t get to try the fish salad or the fried coconut fish. And it looked sooooooo good! I was sad. She made me chicken though. But I did get to try coconut beans and it was really good. I’ve gotten a lot of chocolate eggs and bunnies too. I think I’ve came to the conclusion that a diet is impossible here. Only if you get sick haha.

Conference was awesome!! I watched it in Portuguese again and wow it was so much easier this time. I didn’t think that I improved that much, but for sure there was a big difference from last time. I’m still looking forward to watching in English again though and understanding everything easily haha. I loved the last session the best. I really liked the talk about enduring to the end and the 6 things to do to endure to the end. It was perfect for me. He answered a lot of my questions and things I’ve been thinking about lately. I like when he said the hanging in there isn’t a gospel principle. There is a big difference between hanging in there and enduring to the end. When we are doing our part and really living the gospel we won’t have to just hang in there, but we can live happily and righteously. I liked the emphasis he gave on reading the Book of Mormon everyday, everyday, everyday!! I can’t remember exactly or if this is just my imagination but I think he even talked specifically to missionaries to not go home and stop doing the things we learned here on the mission. He said true followers of Christ search to have the company of the Spirit every single day. I also like Elder Anderson and Pres Eyring in the Women´s session. Who were your favorites?

The family we are teaching is doing great. They came and watched all the sessions on Sunday. It was so cute the daughters were taking notes during conference. I saw E looking over to see what I wrote and then she would write the same thing too. :) It made me smile. They said that they learned a lot. One setback...they took a while to get all the paperwork organized for the wedding and now are going to get married on the 18th one week later. Which is fine, but we have transfers on the 12th, so probably either me or Sister Vasquez won’t get to be there for the wedding and baptism :(:( super sad! But as long as it happens that’s all that matters. I would love to be there though. Who knows maybe we will stay together another transfer. It could happen!

I can’t send pictures this week because this computer is bad, but I’ll send more next week. Thank you for all the pictures! I love all of them! I hope you have a great week out west. Love you guys!!


Sister Bedke


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