Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Week 21 - Gravata
Oh my gosh Rae is so awesome!!!!! I’m so excited for her! I wish I could’ve watched!! When she gets first I’ll be there :) She has awesome friends too, so many people were there! I liked everyone’s shirts.  Those are cute!! What happened to Ainsley’s arm? And does she have college coaches talking to her or is she still too young? Were there a lot of recruiters there? Was she so happy? Ahhhhh that’s so awesome!!! And her legs are freakin ripped. I showed everyone the pictures and we are all jealous. 
We had another really good week! I love the people we're teaching! Alana is going to be baptized on June 29!!! Dad’s birthday :) She is awesome. This week she told us that she knows the Book of Mormon is true! Maria was there for the lesson and she shared her testimony and it was perfect for Alana. Having members at the lessons helps sooooo much. Especially when it’s your mom too! But she agreed to be baptized at the end of this month and we're so excited! She has an 11 year son that we've taught a couple times, but he's usually somewhere playing with friends when we're there! But Maria-his grandma- said that she’ll make sure that he is in the house next time because everyone needs to hear our message. She is the best! Also we taught Clivia’s mom and sister this week and we are having FHE with them tonight. It was such a good lesson! We asked Crislayne, the sister, she is 14 years old, to say the closing prayer. At first she wouldn’t. She was so nervous because she had never prayed out loud before. But we told how and with a lot of encouragement she agreed. And she said the sweetest prayer ever!!!! And by the end both her and her mom were crying. It was so special. I’m so excited for tonight! It should be great. 
Ok sorry! I’ve been talking to Rae and now I don’t have that much time to finish this! I have to tell you guys a funny story. So you know in that movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, the part where they are playing the card game BS. Well Sister Fortes would watch movies in English with Portuguese subtitles so she could learn English. And at the part where they say bulls*** a million times the Portuguese subtitle is mentira which just means liar, it’s not a cuss word. So she didn’t think bulls*** was a cuss word either. hahahahaha So I was using this oil stuff of Sister Dana’s on my face at night because I think it feels so good! It like tingles your face kinda like carmex, but anyways Sister Fortes thinks it burns and doesn’t like it. But I was trying to get her to use it. I was like "just try it, it feels so good!!" Sister Fortes- "bulls***!" hahahahaha Oh my gosh, it was so freakin funny! I could not stop laughing! She was like what, what?! What did I say?! And then I explained it to her and she felt so bad! So funny!!
Happy birthday to Carter this week! What the crap you are 12?!!!!!! You’re still a baby I feel like!! And you get to pass the sacrament.  It’s gonna be so cute :) I wish I was there to embarrass you or something. I can just see his cute nervous but so serious little face.  Awwww. I hope you have a great day bub!! I will be thinking about you! That day we have to stay inside all day. It’s the first day of the world cup! We have to stay inside every day that Brazil plays. It’s gonna be boring. Gravatá is so decorated, it’s awesome! Yellow and green banners with soccer balls are all over the place!!! And the walls of buildings are painted and a lot of roads too. It makes me want to actually watch soccer! I got a cute picture by one painting that I’ll send. USA plays in Recife!!! But we have strict rules of no watching any games. It’s not really a sacrifice for me but I know it’s killing all of the Brazilian Elders, haha poor things.
Also mom, have you sent my debit card? If not send it asap! I feel scared not having a backup if I run out of money from the mission. But they give us plenty don’t worry.  I will be fine. I just get stressed. Speaking of money thank you so much Louis and Ginger!!!!!!!!! Make sure to tell them thanks for me. That was so nice!!!
I think that is it for this week. I feel like this letter is brief.  Sorry. But I got to message with Rae. That was so much fun! I love you and miss you all! Have a great week!
Sister Bedke


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