Monday, June 30, 2014
Week 22 - Gravata
Such a good week!! :) Sorry I didn’t email yesterday.  They switched our p-day because today is a game of Brazil and we can’t work past 2 so we have p-day today. Carter is so cute!!!!!! Did you guys have a good day? All his "dudes" are cute too! Jessica sent me pictures of facetiming with him and he’s just so stinkin’ cute!!! And also happy father’s day dad!! You are the BEST dad in the world. I always tell everyone here how awesome you all are!
Ok I’m going to try to answer your questions first because I always forget about them. Hopefully I answer all of them. I haven’t gotten your package yet but it might be in the office in Recife. I hope! I’ll find out next Monday or Tuesday because Sister Fortes most likely will be transferred and we will go to Recife. And if she isn’t, Sister Rodrigues definitely will be and Sister Dana will get it for me. I’m sad Sis Rodrigues will be transferred. She is my favorite!!!!! But she has been in this area since October!!! What the crap! I think she is ready for a change. Also, about the mosquitoes, they are kinda bad but not horrible. I only have like 5 right now. I had more at the beginning! Poor Sister Fortes....the mosquitoes love her and she has an allergy to them. Her legs are all scarred up now. I hope the card gets here soon. There is this awesome shirt I want to buy before someone else does! It’s so cute and it’s only 17 in dollars!
About the world is crazy here!!!! Only on the days that Brasil plays. EVERYONE is wearing their jersey, every car has a flag on it, and the whole city, all the stores and everything shut down. And oh my gosh during the game it was like a nonstop fireworks show. We knew exactly when Brasil scored because it just went crazy with fireworks and screaming. And then we knew when the other team scored because it went crazy with everyone being mad haha. I have videos I’ll show you some day. It was awesome though! I want to watch so bad it just seems so fun! I never thought I would say that I want to watch soccer haha. I’m excited for tonight to watch the fireworks again! Oh and Brasil won if you didn’t know 3-1. And also everyone has been informing that USA won yesterday too 2-1. Have you guys been watching any?
Ok so about my week. Ill cut to the chase...Clivia’s whole family came to church on Sunday and loved it. Her sisters looooooove the church! They are awesome. Our young women’s president is great. She is a missionary at heart. She gathered them up, took them on a tour, told them all about mutual. It was awesome. Members make all the difference. Also Alana came to church too! I love her!!! She is so prepared for the gospel. Every time I glanced over at her in church she was listening so intently to every word, nodding her head, saying oh this makes so much sense! I was so happy!! We expected Alana to come but I’ll be honest I wasn’t really expecting Clivia’s family to come especially because it was the mom’s birthday. I was playing the piano for the opening song and out of the corner of my eye I see a group of people walking in. I kept taking quick glances and then I realized it was them. Ahhh I was so happy!!! Also remember the lady I told you guys about that works at the pastel restaurant?  We have had 3 lessons with her just this week! And then also she invited us to her son’s birthday party. Yesterday morning we helped her make the treats for the party and then last night was the party. It was so much fun. I felt sick afterwards because I don’t think I’ve ever eaten that much junk food in such a short time. Holy crap there was so much food!!!!!!!! And Ana Karla-that’s the ladies name- dished my plate for me and it was piled freaking high! It was all fried food and chocolate. I could feel my pooch expanding with every bite!! But whatever! She loves learning and loves having us at her house. She is soooo nice. Every time we are there she makes her son run to the grocery store and buy us some kind of treat. No matter how much we say no we don’t need that she still does it! I’m gonna be 200 pounds by the time she gets baptized. She’s lived with a guy for 8 years now and they aren’t married, but he is awesome and super friendly. And she told us she wants to get married and they’ve been thinking about it. I’m really excited about her family. They are awesome. She has the cutest kids in the world too. She has 6!! The littlest one has the biggest eyes I have ever seen in my life. I have a picture with him I’ll send.
I have a lot of pictures this week. The first ones are from lunch with Irmão Lemos. He’s like a millionaire literally and is in Sister Dana and Rodrigues ward. He loves missionaries though and likes having us come to lunch with them too. I have a picture of his living room and the view out his window. Also a picture of all of us with him in the car haha. Also he speaks fluent English. No accent or anything! He was a translator for Gordon B. Hinckley and a lot of other apostles. Like they know him by name! isn’t that cool?! He has a picture with President Hinckley. Also I have some from last Wednesday when Brasil played and we were stuck in the house. Sis Rodrigues gave me the jersey that I’m wearing. She’s so nice!! And then also from the party last night!
Thank you for that quote mom--I loved it! And thank you dad for always writing me. I could almost understand everything :) I’m gonna miss the so detailed descriptions of Rae’s track meet hahaha. You guys are the best! I hope you all have a great week. Love you guys!
Sister Bedke
PS. Sister Jeffery’s email this week talked about Penny. She went to the temple with her granddaughter and baptized a lot of her family members. And her husband was baptized too. Sister Jeffery said the spirit was so strong and you could feel without a doubt that they have all already accepted the work. She said that Penny was crying she was so happy and wants to be sealed to him right now and can’t wait a year haha. But isn’t that just awesome? I am sooooooo grateful I got the opportunity to meet her.


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