Monday, June 30, 2014
Week 24 - Gravata

Hello! Happy birthday mom and dad.  I can’t believe I forgot to say that last week. I had it marked on my calendar and everything. I’m sure you guys had a great time. How could you not in Florida?! Thanks for the pictures too. Always send lots and lots of pictures.  They are my favorite. And also thank you soooooooo much for the box!!! It was perfect!! I don’t know how you knew but every food that I’ve been wanting so bad was in there!!! And I love the shirt too. Thank you thank you thank you!!! Was it expensive to send? Also Sister Fortes LOVES the ring. She said thank you too.
My new companion is Sister Andrade. She is from São Paulo capital. She is gorgeous and has the cutest clothes ever which I’m loving!! She is just a little sweetheart.  I’m so happy I got her as my companion. I’ve been so lucky with my companions so far. I have been learning so much from her already. She likes to be fully prepared before lessons, which is good! We´ve been studying a lot and practicing a lot. We still have a lot to learn though. Training is going good though. I already feel like I’m growing a lot and have more confidence. It’s kinda weird switching companions because I was so used to everything sister fortes did and now everything is different. Sister Fortes in still in the house and I love that!! I seriously LOVE HER!!! We´ll definitely be friends for life. It’s funny, she is still like my mom in the house which just makes me laugh.
This week was great but I’m glad it’s over. Holy stressful!!!!! Everyone in the world was calling me and I had to talk because Sister Andrade doesn’t know the people or the situations or anything. Alana’s baptism was scheduled for Sunday morning before church but the bishop didn’t want that, so we switched it to Saturday but then she had to work, so then finally it was Sunday evening. And every time I had to call everyone and tell them about the changes. it’s so hard to talk when I can’t see their mouths. But everything worked out and the baptism was soooooo special. Ahhh I was so happy!!! Her mom, Maria, bore her testimony and talked about how much her life has changed since she met the missionaries. And then after, Alana--and all week she told us like 3 different times that she did not want to have to talk in front of everyone-- she got up on her own and bore her testimony too. She was crying and said how happy she was!! And then after that the little girl Cassiane, she’s Maria’s daughter, got up and said a prayer without us even telling her too. I love that family so much!! Maria wants to go with us this week to visit her other daughters. Alana has a 12 year old son I want to teach but he is never in the house! He’s always out playing soccer somewhere. He´ll get baptized though, I know it.
We didn’t get to teach much this week so I don’t really have any other stories about the people here. We were in Recife Monday, Tues, Wed, and then Saturday we stayed in the house because of the soccer game. From all the screaming and fireworks I heard it sounded like it was an exciting game. And Brasil won! 
Our new mission president got here on Friday. And we have a meeting tomorrow and get to meet him!!! I’m so excited! And I’ll be able to understand him so well because he’s American. It’s so much easier to understand Americans speaking Portuguese! I took a picture of the comp screen of the picture of his family so I’ll send it to you. They are a really cute family. And they are so young!!!! I kinda feel bad for their kids. I hope they like it here and can learn Portuguese quickly.
I only have a couple pictures this week. I took one of the church in Recife. It is HUGE! Idk why the churches are so big here but they are beautiful. Thank you so much for everything you do for me. Love you guys!!
Sister Bedke


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